EAWS - Ergonomic Assessment Work-Sheet 

Why use EAWS

  • Compliance with labor legislation (national and international), e.g.:

- EU Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC, formerly 98/37/EU, 89/392/EEC)

- EU Framework Directive (89/391/EEC)

  • Allowing for the documentation and evaluation of the working conditions, taking into account the operator work load as it is described by the rules in force
  • Ensuring ergonomic working conditions
  • Developing an extension of the Automotive Assembly Worksheet (AAWS) for repetitive loads on the upper limbs in accordance with EN 1005-5 and the corresponding ISO standard 11228-3.
  • Making this tool usable in any kind of company, from mass production to one of a kind production
  • Risk mappingin a holistic way
  • Developing a free tool without any kind of copyright
  • Linking EAWS to MTM:

 - MTM-2: mass production systems

 - MTM-UAS: batch production systems

 - MTM-MEK: one of a kind production systems  

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